Performance management


The day will give you an opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills in order to conduct effective Appraisals and Reviews within the context of a Performance Management process. Current performance management issues can be discussed in confidence alongside strategies for dealing with them.


  • Have affirmed your role and contribution to managing staff performance and conduct effectively within the workplace

  • Understand the range of different development options available for staff within the workplace such as coaching, mentoring and feedback

  • Be able to quality assure the outputs of your corporate performance management process with regards to individuals and teams

  • Be able to construct clear SMART based Objectives for individuals and teams within your workplace and be able to communicate those expectations concisely

  • Have identified and practiced some best practice techniques for conducting effective Appraisals and Reviews leading to agreed outcomes

  • Have a clear structure to follow for an Appraisal or Review

  • Have practiced giving and receiving high quality feedback

  • Produced a personal plan of action for your continued development in this area


  • Explore with delegates the different Appraisal processes they use and share an Appraisal Cycle to demonstrate how a robust process works and consider the benefits of using an Appraisal process.

  • Identify the skills required to conduct an effective Appraisal.

  • Define what an objective is and practice writing and checking objectives using the SMART test

  • Define what feedback is and practice delivering high quality feedback

  • Discuss and agree what the structure of an Appraisal should be

  • Plan an Appraisal for a member of staff

  • Plan your own continued development as a performance manager

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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."
 - Benjamin Franklin