A selection of happy workers

Effective manager programme


  • Know what coaching is and how it differs from mentoring; counseling and management supervision

  • Understand the benefits of, and be committed to “best practitioner” methods of coaching

  • Have identified common problems when dealing with coachees and coaching situations

  • Have developed your practical skills in relation to coaching in a safe environment and feel more confident to coach

  • Have identified a personal plan of action to close any skills gaps or knowledge in this area


  • What is coaching?

  • A little coaching theory

  • The coaching spectrum – different energies, styles and methods

  • The coach/coachee relationship

  • Lifecycle, roles, responsibilities and ground rules  

  • Key skills required to be an effective coach

  • A recommended, effective coaching model (with practice)

  • Overcoming blocks and barriers

  • Promoting and embedding a whole-organisation coaching culture

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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."
 - Benjamin Franklin