New Data Protection laws come into force in May 2018 - action required

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect from 25 May 2018.  It was introduced by the EU to strengthen data protection for all individuals within the EU, as well as addressing the export of personal data outside the EU. GDPR will be applicable in the UK despite Brexit. 

The main change companies should be aware of when the GDPR takes effect is that the liability that will come from breaching the regulations is huge. You can be fined up to 4% of your global turnover or €20 million, whichever is higher. People have more control over their personal data, including the right to anonymity so it’s imperative companies take all necessary steps to protect personal data. 

Companies will be required to provide personal data much faster and for free, instead of the current £10.00 charge. However, a company can make a reasonable charge if the request is unfounded or excessive e.g. repetitive requests with a view to causing disruption. 

It’s essential that all staff who handle personal information understand the fundamental principles and requirements of GDPR. 

We strongly believe all our clients need to know and have their businesses prepared for GDPR so we've teamed up with a GDPR expert, Simon Hinks to provide you with optional add-on services at extremely reasonable rates. For more information on Simon's expertise, please click here

We'll be running a training course with Simon in February 2018. For full details about the course, please click here.

You can also use Simon's expertise for as little or much help as you might need for full GDPR compliance or in-house training, including relevant documentation. To ascertain your needs and allow us to provide you with a quotation please call Joan Bonner on 01733 217690 or email her at to arrange a call with Simon.